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Brilliant Space Hawaii (BSH) – Create your dream

We are travel and lifestyle consultants managing the project with you, on your behalf.
Brilliant Space Hawaii (BSH) provides personalized International Concierge Services between the market of Honolulu Hawaii, USA and China.

Located in the heart of Honolulu’s Central Business District, Brilliant Space Hawaii (BSH) is a leading customer service-based company that specializes in lifestyle and Travel concierges.

Brilliant Space Hawaii (BSH) has arranged all of the partnerships that you can imagine in order to offer you an unforgettable concierge service experience in Hawaii. In Hawaii, our local professional concierges will arrange everything in order to make your stay magical!

What sets Brilliant Space Hawaii (BSH) apart from other agents is the wealth of additional services that we can provide, including Translations, Language Interpreters , Private Charter, Accommodations, and head to toe Hawaii Travel Package . On top of this our excellent PR, creative marketing and proactive global approach ensures that we are always on hand to ensure both Clients and Buyers alike are provided with the highest possible levels of service.

With increasing social and economic ties between Mainland China and Honolulu Hawaii, Brilliant Space Hawaii (BSH) is well-prepared and well-positioned to serve the China market with the same standard of excellence that is the cornerstone of its success.

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