The Chinese Domestic and Outbound Travel Surge Continues in 2014

Tourists taking their own photograph at Yu Yuan Garden, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

The Chinese are on the move.

The number of Chinese traveling overseas in 2013 had exceeded expectation according to a report by the China Tourism Academy.

Chinese tourists took an estimated 98 million trips abroad last year, spending over US$120 billion on travel.

Eager to explore the globe, the Chinese are just as keen to discover their own country. China saw 3.3 billion domestic tourists, who spent 2.6 trillion yuan (US$429.7 billion) throughout the country in 2013, reports Want China Times.

For 2014, it is widely expected that both the number of tourists and their spending will soar. About 114 million Chinese are expected to travel abroad, up 16 percent from 2013, with a projected 18 percent hike in their spending. The number of tourists traveling in China is expected to grow to 3.58 billion, with spending forecasted at 3.2 trillion (US$528.8 billion).

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