China’s Rich Pick Their Top 10 Domestic Getaways


The results of this year’s Chinese Luxury Traveler White Paper, published by Hurun and ILTM Asia, are in. The report documents the top 10 travel destinations of China’s ultra-rich, based on the face-to-face interviews and questionnaires of over 150 participants worth at least 10 million yuan each. The responses were collected this April and May, with most participants responding from Beijing or Shanghai. The average respondent was 37 years old, and 80 percent of participants were men.

Unsurprisingly, Sanya, Hong Kong, and Yunnan have maintained their hold on the top three slots for another year. Here is a run-down of the Top 10, along with notes on what makes them so popular.

1. Sanya

Considering that Sanya’s geographic position as southernmost city in the country has earned it the reputation of being “the Hawaii of China,” it’s scarcely surprising that the country’s elite are crazy about this place.

 2. Hong Kong

China’s “Shopping Paradise” has kept the number two spot, but other distinct features like the city’s rich financial history, the beautiful Victoria Harbor, and even Disneyland keep tourists interested.

 3. Yunnan

Yunnan literally means “south of the colorful clouds,” but the city’s certainly got a vibrance all its own. It boasts a mild climate year-round, which supports some of the most beautiful flowers and wildlife to be found anywhere.

 4. Tibet

The ancient marvels of Tibet promise to offer tourists unique experiences. Here, top world heritage sites like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple Monastery, and Norbulingka are easily accessible, and the average elevation of 4,000 meters contributes to a mystical, mysterious atmosphere.

 5. Macao

Macao is an interesting mix of all sorts of things: Eastern and Western architecture, grand structures and sloping hills, administrative bodies and casinos. The Macao Wine Museum, the Grand Prix Museum and the Macao Art Museum also do a good job to ensure there’s something for everyone here.

 6. Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a bustling, historic city that complements the natural life around it beautifully.  The West Lake is its most popular and dazzling feature, but Ling Yin Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in China,  also attracts tourists, as does the famed Hefang Old Street.

7. Beijing

The capital of China, Beijing boasts and impressive number of millionaires to begin with, but those that don’t live here certainly want to visit for its cultural history and political  importance. The Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven, and the Beijing 798 Art Zone are just some examples of attractions old and new that draw the masses.

8. Shanghai

With the Bund, the City God Temple, and the Yuyuan Garden, as well as the explosion of art and fashion the city is currently experiencing, Shanghai’s inclusion on this list is another no-brainer.

9. Quingdao

“The Switzerland of the Orient,” this charming port city is renowned for its Tsingtao beer and the Qingdao International Beer Festival.

10. Xinjiang

Xinjiang stands out for its luscious fruit, famous all over the country. Hami melon, pears, grapes, and apples are at their sweetest here.



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