Project Development 开发

Brilliant Space – Create your dream

As necessary, we coordinate real estate renovations, remodeling project to create added value and/or reposition the property
in the market.

Our Services
We have overall responsibilities for the planning, management, coordination and financial control of a construction project.
Our tasks include:
– representing the interest of our client
– providing independent professional advices
– liaising with and supervising the work of the other professionals and stakeholders involved in the project
– making sure the objectives of the project are met
– keeping track of progress and ensuring that the project is on time and on budget
– ensuring that quality standards are adhered to
– maintaining records of expenditure, accounting, costing and billing.
Most of the time we will work together with you, and we will be responsible for the leadership of the project from inception to completion. We will work with all the project stakeholders, leads the team and enhance communication.

Why need us?
A well planned project can save your time and money, leading earlier return on your investment.
We have seen many of our clients spending excessive time on managing projects themselves but are unfamiliar with the project processes and are also lack of the relevant design and construction knowledge.  These lead to redundant work procedures and efforts; therefore wasting both money and time. Also our clients wasted too much time getting involved in tedious details on unimportant issues and overlooked the bigger picture.
Why waste time if we can assist? Instead, you can better spend your time on other important issues, and explore more investment opportunities.
With our engagement, we will enable smoother processes and better workflow of your project. We are here to assist you to managing your project in effective and efficient manners while maintaining a strategic focus and staying on top of your budgets.
We will coordinate works between complex multidisciplinary teams, and we are able to facilitate in a collaborative work environment. We initiate harmony between the different stakeholders in multiple ways; like the Architect, Contractors, Surveyor, Engineers, Government departments, utilities and etc. to achieve project success.

We make sure all parties within the Project Development Team are effectively supervised throughout the whole project duration. Our job is also to look after the safety, quality and the environment.
We set target with you from day one and we will balance the details and the big picture throughout the projects, we will solve your problems and know how to work through project challenges based on our past experiences. We will report to you on a periodic basis so that you can always stay on top of your project.
We are also your strategic partners and have visions for the course and goals of the project. We will make sure the project meets your objectives and achieve project success.

Brilliant Space – 成就您的梦想
– 全权代表我们客户的利益
– 提供独立的专业意见
– 与其他项目利益相关方和专业人士合作并监督他们的工作
– 确保项目达到预期目标
– 追踪项目进程,确保项目在预算范围内按时完工
– 确保严格坚持质量标准
– 保留开支、财会、成本和账单等记录


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