Warren Buffett Completes Prostate Cancer Treatments

Warren Buffett has completed a series of radiation treatments for prostate cancer.

The Omaha World-Herald quotes Buffett as telling newspaper executives, “It’s a great day for me. Today I had my 44th and last day of radiation.”

Buffett’s office has confirmed to CNBC that the treatments ended today.


The World-Herald, bought by Berkshire last November, says that when he spoke to the executives from several papers Berkshire has purchased, Buffett joked about his plans to be the world’s oldest man.

He’s happy the treatments are now behind him. “I’ll be feeling the side effects for a few weeks yet, but I am so glad to say that’s over.”

Buffett received the treatments at the Nebraska Medical Center starting in mid-July.

In April, he announced that he had been diagnosed with stage I prostate cancer.  In his letter to shareholders at that time he wrote, “The good news is that I’ve been told by my doctors that my condition is not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way.”

He said the treatments would restrict his travel but not otherwise affect his daily routine, calling the diagnosis a “non-event.”

Buffett’s April announcement rekindled some people’s long-standing concerns about succession, but he reassured shareholders in May that whomever eventually replaces him as CEO will be able to manage risk and make good business deals.  “We’re not going to have an arts major in charge of Berkshire.

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